The Dakhla Oasis, Egypt

The Dakhla Oasis, Egypt


Dakhla is located around 350km from the Nile Valley between the oases of Farafra and Kharga.

The human history of Dakhla is thought to go back as far as the Pleistocene, when nomadic tribes began to settle here. Experts believe that nomadic hunter-gatherers began to settle permanently in Dakhla during the Holocene period, around 12,000 years ago. Research has shown that during this period there was a huge lake here. Evidence of these early settlers can be seen in rock paintings showing images of elephants, buffalo and ostriches. As the water supply began to dry up, these settlers are thought to have moved to the Nile Valley.

Today there are 16 villages in Dakhla with more than 75,000 inhabitants. There are many agricultural and industrial sites in the area, and these are continuing to grow. The area’s main industry comes from the growing, drying and packing of fruit. The area is also well known for its woodworking, pottery, rug making and jewellery.

Many visitors who come to Dakhla may want to visit one of the many hot and cold springs. The springs are famous for their therapeutic and healing properties.

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