The Canyon, Dahab, Egypt

Diving site in Dahab, Egypt


Dahab is only a few hours drive north of Sharm el Sheikh, but hidden in its nearby waters lie several world-class dive sites. The Blue hole and the Canyon are dives unequalled anywhere else in the Red Sea and offer the experienced diver a truly unique experience. Dahab has something for divers of all levels, with some of the more popular sites being accessible by a short jeep journey along sandy unmade tracks that hug the waters edge. Warm clear waters, beautiful reefs, steep drop-offs; canyons and caves are all to be found along the narrow, coastal, fringed reefs. Have a look at some of the more popular dive sites listed below:

A dive down to the Eel Gardens is must for divers of all levels. Bottoming at under 20m, there are few other sites that get you this close to Garden Eels in their natural habitat.

The Lighthouse offers a variety of routes, for all levels, and is especially popular as a night dive. This dive can be combined with a drift dive from the Eel Gardens.

The Fish Bowl is an enclosed circular cavern filled with small goldfish. Access is via beautiful coral gardens and there are several entrance/exit points, starting at 12-15m.

The experience of finning across the centre of the Blue Hole after a wall dive down to about 30m makes this site extremely popular. At over 50m wide and 100m deep, this deep pool also provides access to an archway (about 50m down) that exits into the deep blue sea.

Drift dive along a coral wall at Rick’s Reef and over the top of The Canyon. At a depth of only 20m (max.), this dive is suitable for all levels.

The Islands is a collection of small islands that provide a maze of beautiful coral gardens. A max. depth of approx 16m means plenty of sunlight and an unequalled diversity of marine life.

The Bells is a crack in the reef that exits at about 30m to reveal the bottomless ocean.

The Thistlegorm (Boat Diving)

Sunk in 1941, while transporting war materials to North Africa, the ship lies almost upright 28 metres down. What makes this wreck special is that its cargo of tanks, jeeps, motorcycles and weapons is mostly intact.

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