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How to make a Chador

The instruction below are an easy way to make a lightweight chador, ideal for anyone travelling to an Islamic country where dress codes apply.
  • Use lightweight cotton material; or as a general everyday outfit, using lightweight silky polyester . . . or other fabric of your choice. Use 60″inch wide material.
  • Measure from your forehead, down your back, to the floor. Purchase twice this amount of fabric.
  • Fold fabric in half, right sides together, with fold at top.
  • Use pins to mark points A-C, approximately 12″inches apart.
  • To find the appropriate length for lines A-B and C-D. Measure from the top of your head down to your wrist.
  • Place your hand at the edge of the fabric and pin on either side to mark the opening for your hands [Points B-E and D-F].
  • Cut as indicated by the solid lines in the Diagram.
  • Cut open the fold between A-C.
  • Cut the bottom with a large smooth curve.
  • The front of the chador needs to be cut shorter than the back. Cut only the top layer of fabric.
  • Cut a slight curve between A-C, for a face opening. Cut only the top layer of fabric.
  • Sew along lines A-B and C-D.
  • Sew down from E-X and F-X. Leaving the opening for your hands. Fold out.
  • Try on the chador and check the length. You should be able to pull the chador over your forehead to cover you hair.
  • Hem the raw edges and opening as desired.
  • You could attach a piece of elastic or binding to either side of the face (Points A-C) and tie these behind your head to prevent the chador from slipping.
  • You could also make a triangular underscarf from the excess material to provide more coverage for the forehead.

Find more Islamic Clothing design patterns at Shazeeda Shakoor’s patterns website.

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