Meroe pyramids in Sudan

The sandy road less travelled…


Many well travelled people are often looking for the next big thing but before the masses find out about it. There is something very intriguing about a destination which is not yet mainstream. Many years ago most of the countries that we now consider touristy were at one time mysterious and exotic, before the infrastructure of the country was boosted by a huge influx of tourist cash. Places like India and Cambodia, Mongolia and China, these places are now easily accessible for even the greenest of travellers.

One destination that is just starting to open up to adventurous travellers is Sudan. This incredible country is a hidden gem in the Nubian desert. Steeped in history, this country has much to offer travellers, with a huge concentration of pyramids and temples and some of the most welcoming people on the planet, Sudan will not disappoint. The area of Meroe is a stunning landscape of narrow pyramids shooting up from the rolling sand dunes. The real attraction here is that you are likely to not pass any other tourists while you explore these ancient sights, so if you are a traveller who doesn’t like to get sucked into tourist traps and who likes to mingle with the locals, then Sudan could be perfect for you, make sure to get there before this incredible location opens up fully to the world, as inevitably it will.

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