Dar al Rahman orphanage, Cairo, Egypt

Dar al Rahman orphanage, Egypt


The Dar al Rahman orphanage is situated in the El Tawoon district, in Giza, Cairo. It’s a small orphanage looking after about 10 children currently aged between 2 to 6 years. These children will remain with the orphanage throughout their childhood up to the age of 18, when they are then provided with assistance with further education, finding jobs, and an initial private apartment to live in.

The money we donate on your behalf goes towards helping the children with their housing, heating, clothing, schooling, and general food supplies. For example your money has recently bought warm winter clothes, thick bed covers, new bed sheets, pillow cases and blankets, along with extra school stationery (pens, pencils, erasers, rulers), and writing books. This new project is an ongoing commitment for us and we will keep you updated with progress over the coming year.

We would also like to invite anyone travelling on our tours the option of making a visit to the Dar al Rahman orphanage. If you are interested in taking up this option please ask your travel consultant or tour guide for more details.

If you want to make a donation yourself, of money, clothes, or useful practical items while you are in Egypt, then this will be very welcome.



On our most recent visit to the orphanage is was good to see that a new in take of children is underway, and within the next few weeks we hope to have around 6-10 new children arriving. The staff indicated that some internal decoration is becoming a priority and we are therefore in the process of arranging and funding this redecoration project.



More recently the orphanage staff have informed us that practical items are not such an issue at the moment, so we have concentrated on arranging some fun day trips for the children, such as to the Al Ezba resort, and on buying a new computer for the children to use.



The move into the orphanage’s new premises went fairly smoothly and both the children and staff are all enjoying the extra space and facilities available now. We are pleased to have helped with some of the decoration and providing much of the bedding & linens as well as some new toys, bikes and books.
Our monthly contributions continue to help towards staples such as food & drink and washing powder etc. We also arranged gifts and a puppet show & DJ for a celebration on Orphan’s Day on the 3rd April 09.



The orphanage is currently in the process of converting a larger property to give the children more space in which to live and play, as well as giving the management better working areas for administration and equipment storage. Our current donations are assisting with cleaning, painting and decorating, and preparation of this new building.

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