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In our KidsZone, you'll find a collection of games, puzzles and quizzes to help your children start learning about Egypt even before they visit.


Welcome to the Egypt Uncovered KidsZone! In this section of our website we have put together a selection of games, puzzles, quizzes and other fun things for your kids to do before they start their tour to Egypt. We hope that these games and puzzles will be both fun and educational, and will help to get your children even more excited about their fantastic adventure to Egypt with Egypt Uncovered. If you would like anymore information about travelling with your children in Egypt that you can't find on our website, then just contact us and one of our expert staff will be more than happy to help you.

Egyptian wordsearch puzzles

This is the classic word search game that is so well known and loved the world over. Play our Egyptian version online and see how fast you can solve the puzzles. This fully interactive game allows you to select and highlight each word as you find it, which will then be removed from the list. Once you have completed the puzzle you will be told exactly how long you took.

Pyramid maze game

This classic game of solitaire is almost as timeless as Egypt itself. The aim of the game is to clear all the cards from the pyramid by matching pairs of card to the sum of 13. Full instructions can be read by clicking the question mark icon at the top right of the screen. A handy timer will let you know how long it takes you to complete the game so that each time you play, you can try to beat your best time.

Jigsaw puzzles

This great puzzle game is fun for all the family as you can choose how hard or how easy to make it. Select the difficulty level you want to play, then use your mouse to move the pieces around the board. When you move a piece close to another piece and it is a correct fit, the two pieces will automatically join together. There are several different photos to choose from, and if you get stuck there is a handy button in the bottom right of the screen to complete the puzzle for you. Once you have finished the puzzle just restart the game and try again.

Colouring sheets

Below is a selection of colouring project for you to try out. Click on the links to download the colouring sheets in PDF format, then print them and enjoy colouring them in. If you need some idea of what colours to use, check out the pictures below.

Sample colour scheme for your King Tut mask
Download Mask

Sample colour scheme for your Egyptian Gods
Download Horus | Download Seth | Download Sobek | Download Ra

Sample colour scheme for your Egyptian Gods
Download Amon | Download Anubis | Download Isis | Download Osiris

Sample colour scheme for your Sphinx & Pyramid
Download Sphinx

Egypt quizzes

Test your knowledge of Egypt and all things Egyptian with out online Egypt quizzes. Answer the multiple choice questions and then check your answers to see how many you got right, which questions you got wrong and what your over all percentage was.

All of the answers to these quizzes can be found on somewhere on our website. For a good place to start, open a new window and check our blog. You can also use the seach box at the top of each blog page. Alternatively, if you are struggling to find the answers on our website, making use of a search engine like Google is always helpful.

Write your name in hieroglyphs

Use the keyboard below to type letters into the hieroglyph translator. You can type upto a maximum of 14 characters (including spaces). If you make a mistake click the 'BACK' button, or to start again click the 'CLEAR' button. When you've finished typing, click the 'Print as Bookmark' button at the bottom of the page to print out your perosnal hieroglyph bookmark. Then just cut it out and start using it! More information about Egyptian hieroglyphics...

Hieroglyphic Translator


Note: if when you print your hieroglyph bookmark there is no background, this is a browser issue and you just need to change the settings in your browser options to allow background images to be printed.