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Egypt Uncovered specialises in private, tailor-made, small-group, and family holidays in Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon and Sudan. Small group tours are a great way to discover the culture and history of a country at a good price and with other like-minded travellers. We like to keep our tour groups small to ensure that our guides can deliver a high quality personal service so that you get the most out of your tour. Some group tours in Israel may have slightly larger maximum group sizes to keep the tours accessible to people with lower budgets. Minimum group sizes for nearly all group tours are just 2.

Our policy at Egypt Uncovered is to use only local guides and tour leaders for our small group tours wherever possible, as we feel that this not only contributes to the local economy but also provides you with the best local knowledge available. We feel that local guides who have lived and worked in their own country for many years are better able to provide more information and can bring the history, culture and nature of a country alive in a way that non-native guides cannot.

All of our tour guides are fully trained, many with degrees in Egyptology or other historical subjects, have a high level of English, and are experienced in dealing with western clients. Many of our guides have been working with us for well over ten years and our clients often describe their tour guide as being one of the highlights of their holiday.

All of the small group tours on this website have regular departures starting on set dates throughout the year, and all can also be run privately or used as a base for a tailor-made tour if you prefer.

Why choose Egypt Uncovered Small Group tours?

  • Small group sizes (max 12-18 per group)
  • Guaranteed departures (min 2)
  • Encounters with local cultures and like-minded travellers
  • Ideal for solo travellers
  • Experienced local guides
  • Itineraries that don't cut corners or costs at your expense
  • Clear info provided on entrance fees & local costs
  • 18 years experience operating small group adventures
  • Fun guaranteed!




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