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All the Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon and Sudan tours detailed on this website can be arranged on a private basis just for the people you are travelling with, together with our local guides and drivers. While many of the tours are listed as group trips, they can also be run privately or used as a base for a customised itinerary. We offer a huge amount of flexibility and you can add extra nights or extensions to either end of the tour as well as various options and adjustments during the main itinerary itself.

If you are unable to find the ideal trip on our website, or you like one of the tours but would prefer a different accommodation style or budget, then we would be delighted to customise a tailor-made itinerary for you. You can pick and choose the bits you like best from our set tours, let us know what level or style of accommodation you prefer, select any particular hotels you'd like to stay in, and let us know about any special interests you may have.

Our travel consultants will then build an itinerary for you, giving you the benefit of some of their own suggestions and local experience, and taking into account practicalities on the ground with regard to driving times, opening days, cruise boat start dates etc. We'll also send you some international flight suggestions and quotes. You'll have the opportunity to make as many or as few changes as you like, as we want the final result to be a really special and memorable holiday for you.

We are also happy to work with larger groups, including schools, universities, dive clubs and societies, so if you represent an organisation, business or society looking for a tailor-made tour in this region, please contact us and our team will be happy to help.

If you are interested in tailor-made tours in Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon or Sudan, please use our tour enquiry form to give us some ideas about when you'd like to travel and what you'd like to include. When looking at the itineraries below, please don't be put off by any that appear out of your budget or that feature hotels you feel are too basic. We have pitched these sample tours at a range of accommodation levels, and the same itinerary can nearly always be run with a range of higher or lower levels of accommodation, suiting whatever budget you have.

Why choose Egypt Uncovered Tailor-made tours?

  • Complete itinerary customisation
  • Available at any level from budget to luxury
  • Great local guides, drivers and tour escorts
  • Can be combined with your own independent travel
  • Select your own hotels or use our recommendations
  • 24-hour local and UK backup while travelling
  • Experienced travel consultants to help you plan
  • 17 years experience in tailoring travel




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