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Lebanon tours offer the adventurous traveller a great place to visit, both as a standalone destination or combined with other Middle East countries to make a more comprehensive tour of the region. From the capital city of Beirut, to the stunning Roman ruins at Baalbeck, to the ancient hippodrome and mosaic streets of Tyre, there is plenty to see and do in Lebanon. For the more active visitor, there is great skiing and trekking in the mountains along with scuba diving, snorkelling and many other popular watersports.

The cosmopolitan capital Beirut is an ideal base for a tour to Lebanon, and is widely regarded as one of the liveliest cities in the world. Theatres, pubs and restaurant abound and the unique nightlife can be a highlight of any holiday to Lebanon. From here it's easy to make excursions into the surrounding countryside. To the north sits the coastal city of Tripoli, famous for its old covered souks, selling olive oil-based soaps and sweets. To the east are the amazingly well preserved Roman ruins of Baalbek, most notable for the enormous temple of Bacchus. To the south lies the ancient city of Tyre, a prime location for snorkelling and scuba diving, with many interesting underwater archaeological ruins to explore. It is also home to one of the largest Roman hippodromes ever discovered.

Lebanon country guide Lebanon country guide

Lebanon is located at the crossroad of Europe, Africa and the Middle East and due to it’s strategic location, good travel links and the countries wealth of tourist attractions, Lebanon is becoming a very fashionable tourist destination in its own right or a exciting bolt-on when taking a tour to Israel or Jordan. Read more...




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