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We offer a range of family holidays to Egypt, Lebanon Jordan or Israel, and bringing your children to what they'll consider an exotic and exciting destination can be a rewarding adventure for all the family. There is so much to see, and many of the sites are so big, famous and impressive, that most children get a lot out of a holiday here, and are not quickly bored. Nearly all schools also feature Egypt and Israel in their history syllabus, and a visit here can complement these courses to really help their learning come alive.

If you would like to take your children for a holiday that will be interesting, fun and rewarding for the whole family, then our Family tours have been designed especially for you. We have adjusted some of our most popular itineraries to ensure they are both educational and rewarding for both children and adults. Among other changes, we have missed out some of the more obscure sightseeing, added in some fun activities, and chosen some more family-friendly hotels, as well as selecting guides we know work well with children.

Small group departures are available during the school holidays, and we can also run the tours privately for your family at any time. These tours are designed to work best for children aged around 6 to 13. We don't set a minimum age and younger children are welcome if they have older siblings travelling too. Older children are also very welcome, but do make them aware that it won't be just other teenagers on the trip. If you only have very young children (5 and under) we would suggest that a private tour may be more suitable for you.

Nearly all of the other tours featured on this website can be run for families too. We set a minimum age of 8 on our main small-group departure tours that feature felucca cruises, but all tours are also available on a private basis for a small supplement.

Rooming arrangements vary from location to location. We know that the ideal solution for families with younger children is generally for connecting rooms so that parents and children can have easy access to each other, without necessarily sharing the same room. We do request connecting rooms wherever possible but most hotels in the region have a very limited supply that cannot be pre-booked or guaranteed in advance. Extra beds are available but some hotels may not allow 2 children to share a standard room with 2 adults, and will require a second room to be booked. Please contact us if you have any questions about rooming arrangements for your family.

Why choose Egypt Uncovered Family tours?

  • Small group departures during school holidays
  • All tours also available privately
  • Create a group with other families you know
  • Itineraries designed for adults & children
  • Carefully selected, child-friendly guides
  • Hotels chosen to be family friendly
  • Options for flight inclusive or land only
  • Return home not needing another holiday!




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